We welcome both Skiers and Snow Boarders of all ages!   Trips to the best destinations and great friends to ski/ride with.   Come join us for these fantastic trips this 2016-2017 season!

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Bill Bomberger:    News Flash June 21, 2016 at 7:30 pm, I became your President of Space City Ski and Adventure Club. Unfortunately, George Lopez had to resign due to personal reasons.  After being a member of Space City for over 20 years and saying no, no, no, it finally happened.  Besides saying YES, here is a short resume of my career with Space City.  

Trip Leader - more than 5 trips

Director of Trips – several  years

Vice President of Publications – 2 Years

Treasurer – 2 years

Board of Directors – too many years to count or remember

I am looking forward to carrying on for George leading the club.  Chuck Pena is putting together  a fantastic Ski Season for all of us.  For those of you who do not know, all of the work for next year’s trips is being worked on as you read this. We have to be ready by mid July to be able to sell the trips to you.  The ex-com, board and trip leaders do not get the summer off!  All we ask of you is to practice your naked snow dance on the roof at midnight to assist in getting us great snow for these trips!!

Just remember that this is your club and it is run by volunteers.  If you have a passion for something, run an activity to support your passion.  It is a fantastic feeling sharing your passion with others.  It can be a free activity or fee based one.  Houston has made impressive improvement in just the walking trails and biking trails in Houston to keep us in shape for all of our activities. So let Jo Barrie Activities@spacecity.org  know what you would like to do and when, so we can all participate with you. 




Official Ski Shop of Space City Ski Club!  Check out their Gear, Guides, Events, and great Ski products.  See discount code (0984) in the bottom right corner  Sun-Ski-coupon.JPG   Click logo or here for link:  www.sunandski.com

I'm still looking for a Trip Coordinator for our January Breckenridge trip. If you are interested in running this trip please send me an email ASAP.  We still need a couple of Assistant Trip Coordinators too.  Send in those applications too. Trips@spacecity.org

My first attempt at getting a comprehensive survey of all our members was marginally successful with just over 100 participating.  The survey showed a very strong interest in a Park City trip and a strong interest in more non-ski trips.

I will be preparing another survey to understand what types of non-ski trips to offer.  We need a higher participation levels to get this right.  Unlike a ski trip were the main activity is centered around skiing, non-ski trip activity options are almost endless.  So respond to those blasts, I really want to hear from all of you.  Cheers Chuck 

Whitefish (Club)  8/20-27/2016 

Danube (TSC)  9/24/2016 - 10/2/2016

Vail (TSC)   1/7-14/2017

Paradiski (Club Med-TSC)  1/21-30/2017

Breckenridge (Club)  1/21-28/2017

Heavenly Valley (TSC)  2/4–11/2017

Park City Short (Club)  2/11-15/2017

Park City Long (Club)  2/11-18/2017

Telluride (TSC)  2/25/2017 - 3/4/2017

Keystone (Info Only-YFT)  3/12-16/2017

Summer:  Iceland (TSC)  8/23–31/2017

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SCSC is a proud member of the Texas Ski Council.  The TSC is a not for profit, all volunteer orgainzation consisting of 16 clubs throughout the state of Texas.  The purpose of the council is to promote individual and group interest in the sport of skiing and snow boarding.  www.texas-ski.org

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