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Space City Ski and Adventure Club  


The Nominating Committee has begun its search for a team of seven officers to lead SCSC through another year of skiing, trips and activities.

Do you enjoy working with other enthusiastic club members? Planning events or travel? Motivating and coordinating others? Preparing eye catching emails and publications? Using financial or software skills or just learning something new?

If so, please consider helping YOUR club by volunteering! Below is a brief description of the responsibilities for each position:

PRESIDENT: principle executive officer of the club, coordinates general meetings

VP-ACTIVITIES: coordinates all non-ski activities

VP-TRIPS: coordinates all ski trips

VP-MEMBERSHIP: performs all membership duties (computer skills needed)

VP-MARKETING: coordinates publicity and outreach and the monthly Sitzmarke publication

SECRETARY: records official business of the club, schedules meetings, prepares emails

TREASURER: handles financial and accounting functions of the club (computer skills needed) to members.

All officers are allowed to use other volunteers for assistance.

Requirements: "The only persons eligible to hold office shall be those who have been SCSC members in good standing for the twelve (12) months preceding the annual meeting (March 31). Additionally, candidates for President shall have been or are currently an elected officer of the Executive Committee."

Please email the Nominating Committee: if you wish to volunteer or learn more about a position. Or reach out to an individual committee member.

With appreciation,

Anne Thomas, Committee Chairperson

Ross Baker

Sandy Fowler

Joan Waddill

Officer Candidate Application Form


We are a non-profit, member run, Sports and Adventure Club operating in Houston, Texas for 50+ years.  We offer 8 - 12 winter and summer trips per year, all over the world.

Our social, sports, cultural, and charitable events fill the calendar year-round. From September to May we have fun monthly general meetings normally held the 2nd Monday of the month.  Happy Hours are the 4th Thursday of each month, year-round.

Popular local Houston Area activities this year were monthly dance lessons, monthly dinner gatherings, theater outings, and winery/brewery tours.  Activities are run by volunteers, if there is something you are interested in doing, make a suggestion and we will consider offering it.

Initial trip sales generally start in August and sell briskly, so act quickly to avoid landing on a wait-list.  Trip participation requires membership but it is only $40 for an Individual for an entire season.  Have a look around and we hope you decide to Join Us.  If you need some more time to decide, Click "Add Me to your Mailing List" (Top Left Corner)



Our December General Meeting will be at Sun & Ski, 6100 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77057 on Monday Dec. 14, 2020.

There will be no snacks or wine, and no additional 10% discount. The normal 10% Space City discount will be in effect. The Business meeting will start at 7:00 to discuss upcoming Trips and Activities. There will be a talk about new ski equipment, and there will be several nice door prizes.


Our reality is that Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic and can be transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets.  If you have experienced any of the widely publicized Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of the general meeting, please do not attend.  However, any time people gather, there is the possibility of unintentional exposure.  You can minimize  the risk of transmission by wearing your mask except when eating or drinking.  You have individual and family health considerations that determine your risk tolerance and comfort level regarding activities and gatherings.  We ask you to take personal responsibility for your own safety and actions.  If you do test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days after a club activity, please inform club leadership so that contact tracing can be initiated.


Hi friends,

Hope y’all are doing well – all things considered. Lately I have been reflecting on my past and future vacations. I guess I am participating in armchair travel! The reflection has led to a great appreciation of all the wonderful travel opportunities I have had. Over the last 35 years a majority of those trips have been with SCSC – going to spectacular places with great people, making wonderful memories. And I plan to keep adding to the travel list and memory files despite this darn slowdown due to COVID-19! Both the summer/fall SCSC trips I had planned to take are now on my calendar for next year.  And there are 4 great ski trips to choose from. The signup for all 4 ski trips will start Monday, August 17 at 7 pm.

We all know there are uncertainties about travel especially in the early part of 2021. However, the travel industry and the medical doctors and scientists are doing much and as fast as they can to make travel and just day to day living safer and more enjoyable. There are articles that say all kinds of things, but there are so many unique variables that I will let you do your own research and make your own decisions. As we get closer to trip dates the trip leaders will have more info about a particular resort’s handling of the situation.

For now the idea is that “The Show Must Go On!” At least the planning must happen and hopefully, fingers crossed, the activities will occur. The good thing to realize is what a great club SCSC is and we want to keep our members engaged and interested. I have to say where else can you find a group that plans in one year ski trips in 3 states and adventure trips from the American West to the Mediterranean Sea to the Netherlands and finally to the land of the Kiwi and Down Under! Take a look at the great list of destinations below – with activities of skiing, boarding, cruising, hiking, biking and sightseeing! Articles describing these trips are here on the Trips Page and in the August Sitzmarke. Get with the Trip Coordinators or myself if you have questions. We are still looking at more U.S. trip options were we can drive. There are many fun places not that far away that we often overlook when globetrotting.

Below are reminders of some of the new things about trip signup:

  1. It is still through Club Express (CE) on the SCSC website. What is new is that the prices posted are credit card prices. Any payment made by check is discounted by 2.99%. SCSC has taken very large losses the last two years by covering 10s of thousands of dollars for credit card fees, so this change was necessary. But there is still the opportunity to pay less with a check. When you mark payment by check and print your invoice it calculates your reduced price.
  2. Another CE change is that the deposit is set 15%. Final payment dates are often divided into 2 payments just days apart. It is not the payment schedule but the $ amount that caused this change. CE won’t allow more than a $2000 payment. Any of the International trips exceed this amount and if someone is signing up 2 people on a ski trip that triggers it.

Enough of the mechanics! Start looking at these places and dates and see if you want to put one or more on your 2021 calendar.

Marsha Lutz VP-Trips

PS. If you wish to get a discount on an Ikon pass this year, check out the deal offered by Ski White Diamond HERE!

Ski Trips
Dates Trip Coord.
TC Email
Full Pkg $/pp
Land Pkg $/pp
Trip Status
Snowmass 1/16/-23/21 Cindy Moore
Wait list!
Breckenridge 1/23-30/21
Susan Stanley
$1,170 $813
Wait list!
Jackson Hole
Rene Reed
$1,628 $1,085 1 Full left.
Check with CLASC
Snowbird 2/27-3/6/21 Ann Dorn
$1,947* $1,615* 1 Full, 5 Land
Lake Louise
Check with LSS
Adventure Trips
Bruges to A'dam Bike & Boat 5/17-25/21
RIta Cardenas  N/A
Suite=$3621 4 pillows left
Leyla Ozkardesh  N/A Twin=$3024
10 pillows left
Greek Isle Cruise 9/2-12/21 Thuy Rocque
Wait list!
Zion & GC Natl Parks
Arlen Isham
 N/A $617
8 spots left.
New Zealand
Sarah Granbury
5 Full, 8 Land left
* This trip price includes 6 days of lift tickets OR $372 resort credit for pass holders/non-skiers.

All trip prices are based on payment by credit card. Any payments made by check will get a 2.99% discount. When you choose "Check" at the payment option pull down on the website, it will calculate your discount. Print out the invoice and mail the check and invoice to your TC.

If you register another person for ANY trip, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR THEIR TRIP!


Hello all from my desk at the dining table. Like everyone, I’ve been socially distanced for what seems like months. I have a comfortable store of TP, paper towels, pounds of beans and pasta. I have my face masks ready for the grocery runs, and my hand washing soap ready for my return. Situation – new normal!!

I have pandemic skills and scars. Skills include lots of new recipes, an elementary but growing understanding of Zoom, and an inventory of YouTube workouts. Scars include my poor foot when I dropped a landscape rock on it.  How about you?  I think it would be fun to share our Covid chaos and conquests.

Hopefully, we will soon be inching toward a less restrictive lifestyle. Lynn has had a remarkable response to the reinstatement of the monthly dinners. We will let everyone know when we have information around resuming monthly meetings, and what those will look like. In the meantime, Lynn and Bil have come up with some fun games and activities for our weekly Zoom happy hours. Please join us – we have had a steady, and growing participation.  Stay safe and look for the blessings. 

Beverly President


Check the website often, as I will be adding new activities often. If you keep signing up, we will keep on adding more.
Lynn Burch VP-Activities

Check out these photos from some of our past events!
SCSC Dinners

SCSC Happy Hours
Holiday Galas

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events



Member of the Texas Ski Council (TSC), a non-profit social club. The all volunteer organization consisting of clubs throughout the state of Texas and Tulsa, OK.  


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You don't need H.G. Wells to go into the past! Browse through our Sitzmarke Archive!

Relive you past ski trips and activities! Check out how your friends looked 30 years ago!

Have you ever been on a Sitzmarke cover? Who's been on the MOST covers?

Remember those Day-Glo ski outfits? Wooden skis 7 feet long? Leather ski boots? You'll see them all HERE.


Recent Articles
Recent Articles


Space City Ski & Adventure Club is so fortunate to have a group of volunteers willing to give up their time to keep the club running. Please take the time to thank these people!

Debbie Abadie
Leslie Cashio
David Gresko
Marsha Lutz
Beverly Roberts
Marilyn Swanson
Alice Allbritton
Leesa Clements
Diane Gresko
Joan McAuliffe
Larry Robinson
Anne Thomas
Dale Allbritton
Robert Clements
Evan Howell
Kay McKeough
Rowena Roche
Stuart Traver
Ross Baker
Kate Clinton
Melinda Hughes
Cindy Moore
Thuy Rocque
Marti Turner
Jo Barrie
Bil Cusack
Arlen Isham
Debbie Moser
Ann Rogers
Joan Waddill
Melody Bohlmann
Betty Donellan
Tami Kawasugi
Pat Musemeche
Robert Rowley
Karen Wisniewski
Bill Bomberger
Bob Donellan
Keith Kirkman
Tammie Nadell
George Sargent
Jo Ann Zemlicka
Mary Jane Boon
Ann Dorn
Hyo Knebel
Jill Nanney
Derek Shoobridge

Lynn Burch
Linda Erdman
Maria Koteras
Leyla Ozkardesh
Sharon Simandl

Craig Campbell
Jan Ferrell
Linda Kuper
Chuck Pena
Beth Slaughter

Rita Cardenas
Karen Gertz
Stan Kuper
Ali Pethick
Jim Slaughter

Barbara Carlson
Sarah Granbery
Karen Leeson
Rene Reed
David Stotz

Laura Carmin
Terry Gray
Bruce Lowther
Kasia Rezmer
Diane Stotz

If you are not on this list and believe that you should be, please contact Lynn Burch at